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Site 083
We look forward to your visit to our Resort - make your reservations soon.  We have an exciting time ahead as we build a new image through ongoing activities and events, both at the resort and across the southeast.

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Site R16 224 Mountain Falls Dr
Property Code: R16-224
Location: The Ridge
Site 044-D
This site has a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Enlarged pad, perfect for a larger family to spend their time outdoors or for people who wa......
Property Code: D-044
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 005-D-F
Property Code: D-005-F
Location: Resorts Circle
Site 095
Lovely rock landscaping with a variety of flowers and trees that are native to this area. If you are one that loves the colors of the mountains, this ......
Property Code: S-095
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site R12 182 Mountain Falls Dr.
Property Code: R12-182
Location: The Ridge
Site R15 212 Mountain Falls Drive
Property Code: R15-212
Location: The Ridge
Site 048-D-F
Fireplace Use Allowed. Supply your own wood and clean out before you leave. 
Property Code: D-048-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 063-D-F
Cozy and pretty!! Bubbling water feature and flowers, flowers, flowers.Beautiful site with enlarged pad. Landscaped beds with irrigation system, water......
Property Code: D-063-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site R-28 350 Mountain Falls Drive
Beautiful Mountain views, especially in the early morning. Large spacious Site.
Property Code: R28-350
Location: The Ridge
Site 051
Wonderful pull-in site with a huge view.
Property Code: S-051
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 099
A site that has a rock wall surrounding the property. Beautifully done stone work is really a piece of art. It also makes it perfect for pets. Privacy......
Property Code: S-099
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 039-D-F
Fireplace Use Allowed. Supply your own wood and clean out before you leave. 
Property Code: D-039-F-P
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Nightly Rate Starting At: $115.00
Site 109-D-F
Fireplace Use Allowed. Supply your own wood and clean out before you leave. 
Property Code: D-109-F
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 073-D
Back-in site with view of golf hole
Property Code: D-073
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 123
This site borders the state park. With lush green grass and beautiful tall trees, you will feel nestled in nature's lap.
Property Code: S-123
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 029-D-F
This site boasts lush landscaping and private rear patio overlooking a forested glen. Fireplace use allowed. Supply your own wood and clean prior to ......
Property Code: D-029-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 124
Wonderful deep pull-in site with pet-friendly grass all around.
Property Code: S-124
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 137-D-F
Northern view overlooking the pond and 3rd green. Beautiful stacked stone fireplace with elevated globe lighting system. Nice view overlooking the gol......
Property Code: D-137-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 025-D
This shaded site has a granite counter with stools and a stone patio with table and chairs.
Property Code: D-025
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 007-D-F
Greenery, shade, privacy overlooking a pond with fountain. .Fireplace Use Allowed. Supply your own wood and clean out before you leave.  
Property Code: D-007-F
Location: Resorts Circle
Site 115-D-F-P
A great pull-in site with a lot of privacy. The only rental site with a pavilion Fireplace Use Allowed. Supply your own wood and clean out before yo......
Property Code: D-115-F-P
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 136-D-F
This pull in site is begging you to break away from the normal and take a break in the mountain air. Enjoy the beautiful rock and stone fireplace, its......
Property Code: D-136-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 021-D
Property Code: D-021
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 015-D-F
This site is very luxurious! With a rock back drop, lovely flat landscaping you are at the perfect place for any events. Also close to the gate and th......
Property Code: D-015-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 139-D-F
Pull on in and create the party! This site includes a bar, seating and a huge stacker fireplace. With more than one separate patio with seating galore......
Property Code: D-139-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 067
Property Code: S-067
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site R13 192 Mountain Falls Drive
Panoramic mountain views over Gorges State Park. See all the way to Lake Keowee South Carolina. A short walk to the new luxury clubhouse
Property Code: R13-192
Location: The Ridge
Site 050-D-F
Fireplace Use Allowed. Supply your own wood and clean out before you leave. 
Property Code: D-050-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 022-D
This site has level access, attractive hardscape and landscaping, plus and expansive golf course view to the rear.
Property Code: D-022
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 078-D-F
When you pull your coach in be ready to relax. The views of the mountains that you will see are absolutely breathtaking. Behind you is a lovely w......
Property Code: D-078-F
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 062-D
A nice pull in site with a lot of room. It offers nice views of the wooded area at the front of the site
Property Code: D-062
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 003-D-F
Private site with lush landscaping and patio looking over golf hole #1 and a pond. Fireplace may be used if visitors wish.
Property Code: D-003-F
Location: Resorts Circle
Site 114-D
This is a beautiful pull in site. Which means if your looking for privacy, you have found it. Overlooking the mountains and it also Has natural rock c......
Property Code: D-114
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 001
This amazing pull in site has spared no expense. With beautiful views of the pond and also hole number one. The views through the trees and flowers cr......
Property Code: S-001
Location: Resorts Circle
Site 072
Property Code: D-072
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 057-D-F
This site is a beautifully designed area. As you pull in, you pull in on a curve and it allows for much more space. The layout is absolutely wonderful......
Property Code: D-057-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 008-D-F
Property Code: D-008-F
Location: Resorts Circle
Site 094
Another site that is beautifully done! The landscaping surrounds the site on all sides. Beautiful grassy area that would be great for pets. And the fr......
Property Code: S-094
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 071-D
This back-in site is in what we call the cove. No coach`s front or rear, beautiful combination of native stone and flag stone. Golf cart parking area,......
Property Code: D-071
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 047-D-F
This site shows off what this area is best for - lovely views. A natural rock border around the property and the trees highlights the driveway. Relax ......
Property Code: D-047-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 013-D-F
Fireplace use allowed. Bring your own wood and clean prior to leaving. 
Property Code: D-013-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 138-D
This pull in site has a beautiful view of the ponds and golf holes 2 and 3. This property is flat and perfect for any outside events. The landscaping ......
Property Code: D-138
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 017-D-F
Back-in site with unique water feature, rock wall and landscaping. With beautiful rock patio for seating and trees and shade all around. With spring t......
Property Code: D-017-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 088
This site has trees and rock planters on one side, a natural area in the back,and wonderful grass for your pets. A westerly view from your coach winds......
Property Code: S-088
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 107-D-F
If you like the sound of waterfall and enjoy beautiful mountain views this is the lot for you and your family. Enjoy a family getaway or a romantic we......
Property Code: D-107-F
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 134-D
This extra-large “pull in” custom luxury motorhome lot (Site 134-D) overlooks the 3rd Greenway tee off box, is ultra private and has outdo......
Property Code: D-134
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site 033-D-F
Beautiful park like setting makes this site a prize. The two story natural stone fireplace is the focal point of this site. The shade of the tree is e......
Property Code: D-033-F
Location: Resorts Blvd.
Site 125-D-F
Wonderful site that offers a lush green back drop. The landscaping is designed to make privacy a number one priority. With the color of the trees and ......
Property Code: D-125-F
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
Site R03 27 Mountain Falls Dr
This is a nice lot with good views.  NOTE:  The cottage is not included in the rental and cannot be rented. The rental is for the site only......
Property Code: R03-27
Location: The Ridge
Site 092
Beautiful back in site that has tall trees bordering the property along the rustic wooden fence. This site is far enough up the ridge that the views o......
Property Code: S-092
Location: West Resorts Boulevard
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